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About fleet AMI

Assets & Maintenance Insights (AMI) is focused on assisting fleets in lowering the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of its assets. AMI accomplishes this by providing fleet management expertise based on your need. Available services are either project based or providing short to medium term fleet leadership services until more permanent solutions are put in place. 


AMI services are provided by James Cade, an experienced fleet executive with a wide range of experience on all types of equipment. Mr. Cade has extensive experience in turning around under performing fleet operations by determining the needed actions and implementing the corrective solutions through effective leadership. (See the testimonials regarding Mr. Cade's accomplishments and capabilities). 


Once corrective actions are in place, Mr. Cade can provide the leadership and skills needed to identify and train the leaders of your organization to achieve long term success.          


"James is an exceptional manager and leader, his vehicle maintenance and technical skills are unsurpassed in the industry. He is quite adept at identifying key issues, adopting creative solutions, and organizing his team to overcome!"...Terry Solvedt / Ryder

 "James takes a strategic view, develops and implements a strategic plan to build world class maintenance organizations. The cornerstone of his vision is "quality" supported by training, technology, teamwork..he is also excellent at developing metrics to ensure the priorities get measured and improved"...Cliff Sorrell / Ryder

"James is a true professional in every sense of the word. He possesses a strong ability to create and lead complex projects, challenge and lead a team beyond the status quo. He drove numerous strategic and forward thinking changes that helped shape the company's services and capabilities"...Bruce Lafky / Ryder

"James always demonstrated a strong commitment to quality maintenance and its practices. I have the highest respect for James' technical knowledge and methodical processes. He was a very patient man with high expectations of himself and and his staff"...Don Scare / Ryder

"he was responsible for implementing a multi-million dollar maintenance program across the U.S. and Canada. I was impressed with Jim’s ability....use(s) his vast industry knowledge to dissect and diagnose the appropriate steps for a successful implementation. ...handled it with the utmost professionalism and focus. I strongly recommend James as a proven leader with tremendous experience and leadership in quality fleet maintenance strategies"...Steve Gibson / ServiceMaster


"able to extract from his vast maintenance and fleet management experience but also contribute to overall organizational and other functional objectives as a senior team leader. James is unique in that he is very analytical and metrics driven at the senior level, but also understands front line mechanical process, analytics and decision making. He is a good communicator and therefore Mr. Cade’s skills culminate in his ability to be a visionary and effective leader"...Dan Braatz / FTI 


" of the best fleet executives in the industry today.."...John Simone / USA Truck  

"During his five years with Ruan, Jim built a maintenance and asset support team, created disciplined processes, established Ruan as an influencer with OEMs, state agencies, and ATA’s Technology & Maintenance Council. From advanced fuel consumption efficiencies to safety enhancements, to forward-thinking technologies such as electrification, Jim has been front and center driving us to new levels of capabilities and performance. Under Jim’s leadership we have advanced our reporting, and built robust KPIs. Our visibility to performance has never been better. On a personal level I am grateful to Jim for the learning and growth he has provided me in the important space of equipment, technology, and relationships with key suppliers",,,,,,Dan Van Alstine, President and COO, Ruan

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James Cade

AMI Principal

Companies where Mr. Cade's leadership has exceeded expectations in improving fleet asset and maintenance operations  

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