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ECOFins from AMI

..assisting fleets lower operating costs

EcoFins from AMI, are a low cost proven solution for reducing fuel consumption and increasing MPG. Simple and quick installation gets you on the road to increased fuel economy in a matter of minutes. 

Once installed, EcoFins reduce aerodynamic drag by cleaning up the air current that creates drag on the trailing surfaces of tractors and trailers. Once eliminated, the reduction in drag can improve fuel economy by as much as 6%, but typically in the 2 to 3% range. A 3% reduction reduces fuel consumption by 600 gallons per year, providing a return on your investment in less than thirty days!

World's Best Drag Reduction System with Simple Installation!

Savings from the use of EcoFins is well documented and can be provided upon request. 

Standard available colors for EcoFins are; white, black, gray and midnight blue. If needed, custom colors can be special ordered in large quantities. Glow in the dark capabilities can also be added for a small fee.  

Call AMI at 515-528-5497 for pricing and availability. 

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