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Asset Services

..assisting fleets lower operating costs  

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  • Maximizing Vehicle Design and Engineering

  • Implementing Electric Vehicles

  • Component Selection 

  • Selecting and Maximizing Warranty Coverage and Collections

  • Improving Fuel Economy

  • Determining Optimum Life Cycle

  • Trade Versus Sell

Vehicle Design and Engineering

AMI takes the time to understand how an asset will be used and assists in designing efficient and effective systems to meet a fleets needs. 

Electric Vehicles

AMI has extensive experience in selecting and implementing electric vehicles (EV) in light, medium and heavy duty client fleets. This includes infrastructure development for charging systems and interaction with utilities.  

Component Selection

Achieving the lowest operating cost possible begins with the proper selection of components and specifications for your fleet operations. AMI assists fleets in evaluating options from OEMs to determine the optimal specifications to maximize its return-on-invested capital (ROIC). 

Warranty Coverage

Just like insurance, warranty packages need to be tailored to the fleets needs and operations. Many fleets today over pay for expensive warranty coverage. AMI will assist fleets in establishing the right warranty coverage for their operation and implement procedures to maximize collections. 

Fuel Economy

Vehicle design and component selection have a major impact on fuel economy. Understanding how an asset will be used is critical to determining the right components needed to maximize fuel efficiency. AMI has extensive experience in maximizing fuel economy for fleets.

Determining Life Cycle          

Many factors go into determining the optimum life cycle for an asset. Mileage, hours, specifications and application all have an impact on the life of any asset. AMI can help fleets find the "sweet spot" for its assets.

Trade Versus Sell

Unfortunately there is not a "one size fits all" solution for disposing of used trucks in today's highly volatile truck market. Fleets must decide on the best approach for their individual situation. AMI can help fleets evaluate the pros and cons of trading, wholesale, retail or auction solutions. Proven management experience, through several economic cycles, will assist fleets in determining their best economic solution.    

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