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  • James Cade

Focusing on Shop Safety

Promoting safety in fleet operations makes good business sense, in so many ways. Most fleets focus on vehicle safety but often overlook shop safety.

In 2018 the injury rates for technicians/mechanics were higher than those experienced by police officers and firemen combined. In the same review the technician role was ranked as the 12th most dangerous job overall in North America. This should not be a surprise to anyone due to the physical requirements and environment of the job.

As a fleet manager, one of your objectives is to send technicians home in the same, or better, condition as to when they reported for work. Considering the previously quoted statistics, this is not an easy task to accomplish.

Shop operations with low injury rates for technicians have two things in common: commitment and action. Commitment to shop safety programs. Commitment to frequent safety communications to keep it at the forefront. Action to inspect and remove from service tooling that is unsafe to use. Action to enforce use of safety glasses and lockout-tagout devices.

Remember, your team members are looking to their leaders for commitment and action regarding safety. Lead by example!

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